1. Alina Lobanova

Watercolour and acrylic painting on canvas

Strength is in support! People support and care for each other, knowing they are more robust together. They are giving the most valuable, their power, resource, and time. But this resource is exhausted sooner or later, and emotional burnout occurs. Like every person, a volunteer needs to remember to rest and recharge. Like-minded volunteers with shared pain become excellent support for each other. When one burns out, the other fills the space, creating synergy.
Joint efforts exchange of ideas, resources, and knowledge contribute to strengthening the volunteer community and developing society. And it helps to build a positive working environment, support, and mutual understanding between volunteers, which can increase their motivation and enthusiasm for the activity. I created my work about the harmony of teamwork, which was performed in the watercolor layering technique, where each layer of paint symbolizes experiences and emotions a person receives.
2. Margarita Stepanova
United Souls

Acrylic painting on canvas

The world needs volunteers to have hope for tomorrow.
Volunteer work unites us, gives us faith, and makes us human.
Today, I have no doubts that volunteer activity in Ukraine has become a solid and indomitable force in the struggle for the life and freedom of our people. Volunteers organize fundraising daily for our defenders' needs. Volunteer centers help with evacuation, housing, medicine, clothes, and food to people affected by shelling, forced to leave their homes due to war, flooding, occupation... They save animals that need help no less than people. A good deed unites souls, has immeasurable power, and has no religious, ethnic, or geographical limitations.

3. Olha Malko
Those who give hope

Watercolour painting on paper

Those who give hope. They are among us and give hope to animals, people, and me that humanity will not fall into the abyss of heartlessness, cruelty, and profit. They are like Atlanteans who come to help in a difficult moment, carrying the burden of the world on their shoulders. They keep faith in humanity.
The creation of this work was inspired by Ukrainian volunteers who helped the residents of Irpin to leave the city during the Russian invasion in 2022. Thanks to them, women, children, elderly people, and domestic animals were transported across the destroyed bridge over the Irpin River under constant fire.
My work is a letter of thanks to everyone who supports the needy in this incredibly difficult time.
4. Evgenia Poberezhna
The Space of Caring

Analog collage

"The Space of Caring" is my view of volunteering as an endless movement of kindness and devotion in Ukraine and worldwide. It is a space where there is always respect for life. Filled with compassion and love, it enables people to get help and feel safe. Today this is especially important for every Ukrainian. By using collage in my work, I wanted to emphasize the multi-component and complexity of the theme. I tried simultaneously expressing simplicity, sincerity, and a rich emotional component. Volunteers are people who, like everyone else, do not have extra time and inexhaustible energy but have open, kind hearts. And they continue to make sacrifices daily by really giving, by giving of themselves.
I hope my work will help spread awareness of the importance of volunteering as a powerful and precious activity for Ukraine and the world!

5. Kateryna Goncharova
Pulse of humanity

Mixed media painting on canvas

Everything created in this world is created by the heart and hands. They represent the power of love, pure intention, and reverence for life. We voluntarily take on the cross of responsibility, and it is alive - it will be covered with young shoots, bloom and bear fruit, and only they can genuinely saturate the soul. We voluntarily carry on our backs those who cannot care for themselves. We improve and develop through the privilege of serving the world. We are not accidental here. We are all debtors of love. And that is why we are human. A sincere heart can save thousands of lives! If you break and fall into the abyss, the participation and empathy of a sensitive heart will keep you in this world. My work is a tribute to all volunteers whose hands and hearts lie hundreds of thousands of saved lives!
6. Natalka Nechay
Thread for thread

Acrylic painting on canvas

I wanted to tell about women, a whole army of women who, from the first days of the russian agression, stood on their front line for help. Many of them are already 70 or 80 years old or even older! They survived the artificial famine and repression created by the Soviet Union and the horrors of the Second World War. They survived, preserved their land and love for the Motherland - and now the war has come again!...
Now they prepare dry rations and goodies, make trench candles and medicinal ointments for healing wounds, weave camouflage nets and special "Kikimori" clothes for our dearest defenders - how much strength and health is enough!
Thread by thread, strand by strand - difficult memories are pouring out, and at the same time, the work is progressing.
Volunteering is about great LOVE.

7. Olha Nazarenko
The one that gives warmth

Watercolor painting on paper

The artwork shows a volunteer who never even thought she was doing volunteer work. She keeps doing it.
She knits socks of different varieties daily: warm, thick, thinner, extra wide, in different colors, etc. She also makes tons of children’s socks, knowing an unimaginable number of children need socks to keep themself warm. The most important thing to remember when knitting these socks is to ensure that the thread used is 100% natural. Villagers collect warm sweaters and bring them to this incredible person to be turned into socks.
Additionally, this woman uses a substantial portion of her pension to purchase more thread.
This painting is of my mom.
8. Karina Danylchuk
Being strong

Watercolor painting on paper

You can't save everyone and everything—human lives, animals, affected people, buildings, and culture. And even when many people are volunteering for months or years, it does not produce an ideal result. I guess the solution is to focus on a problem you can handle. You have to make a choice, perhaps the most difficult of your life. Sometimes volunteers must be solid not to dwell on how many people, animals, and everything we have already lost. They have to focus on those who they can still save.

9. Tatyana Pchelnikova
A Dove of Peace

Oil painting on canvas

Today, a woman in my country is not only a mother, a daughter, or a grandmother but also a powerful force that brings the Victory over rashism closer. I remember how in March 2022, when there was almost no one left in Kyiv, a woman at our entrance asked for help knitting camouflage nets for the front. I collected all possible gray and green fabric around the house, and we went to school to make nets. How many such women have I seen during these one-and-a-half years of war-from young girls to middle-aged women? Everyone found their place in this volunteer work. Although our hearts are torn to pieces every day by the news from the front, and after the bombing of the cities and towns of our native country, we know about our inevitable Victory. This painting is about a Ukrainian woman carrying a dove of peace.
10. Liudmyla Popova
Little humanitarian aid volunteer

Acrylic painting on canvas

The painting portrays little humanitarian aid volunteer Nina Skrynska. This 3-year-old girl was helping her parents, who volunteered to aid and care for displaced Ukrainian families who fled russia's aggression and found refuge in Rivne in west Ukraine.
The family got their friends together to fundraise for food, clothes, and other essential things for the displaced families.
The painting echoes Edvard Munch's The Scream, which cries out in pain and terror. Nature suffers greatly from russia's onslaught in Ukraine as invaders blow up dams and destroy cities and villages. Yet Ukrainians have a strong will to fight against the enemy despite the terror and find resolve in humanitarian aid efforts. The bridge the child is crossing, with a pack of humanitarian assistance, embodies the spirit of Ukraine's unity. She goes the way of kindness and love that can bring hope of a brighter future to Ukraine and the world.

11. Olha Trikolich
New World

Oil painting on canvas

I painted women's confusion with their children without a home, clothes, food, or money, just in the middle of the street. Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, volunteers have been working with such women and children. They provide psychological, moral, and physical assistance, help them find accommodation and temporary jobs, and adapt to the New World—a world in the middle of a war.
12. Olena Nahorniuk

Watercolor painting on paper

I imagined a volunteer as an acrobat balancing on a tightrope. This rope is extremely long, just like the path of my hero. His volunteering story began so long ago that he does not remember its origin, and the world around him doesn't allow any thoughts of ever stopping.
The burning flame is the pain and suffering of those who require aid from the volunteer. Long-term emotional contact with other people's pain can sear the volunteer's soul like fire burns a green field.
My hero tried to balance his own needs and the needs of others, but the inevitable emotional burnout of giving everything possible left a terrible feeling of emptiness in his chest.
Through sheer force of will, he stays on the rope. This unsung hero will find the strength to recover and continue his journey.

13. Yuliia Ustymenko
Volunteer's Touch

Oil painting on canvas

Have you ever heard of Kintsugi? It's a captivating Japanese technique that delicately restores broken pottery using lacquer mixed with gold powder. In the hands of a skilled master, a fractured object emerges with a new lease of life. Kintsugi celebrates the beauty of scars that shape our identities. For me, this art mirrors the essence of volunteering. It's not just about assisting. It's about showing empathy for others' pain and honoring their resilience.
The painting "Volunteer's Touch" is a tribute to Ukrainian volunteer Victoria Gusarova, who has devoted the last ten years to rescuing wild birds. Falcons, hawks, owls, storks, hoopoes... Many avian species with complex injuries and diseases find refuge in her. I am in awe of Victoria's unwavering determination and dedication as she passionately fights for every life. And she prevails! Thanks to her, numerous birds once destined for death now soar freely in the skies again.
14. Vlada Lobus

Acrylic and oil painting on canvas

This painting portrays the dual nature of our world, where pain and hope coexist. It reflects the devastating flood's impact, caused by the destruction of the Kakhovka Damcountered, and was inspired by the courage of volunteers who united to save lives.
The painting features smoke turning into a transparent cloud against a bloody backdrop, with a stork symbolizing the nation standing tall. It captures life's contrasts, where beauty emerges amid pain, and hope persists amidst the darkness. Volunteers offer a beacon of support in times of need, urging us to choose hope and resilience.

15. Alina Monastirska
Volunteers hold the world

Oil painting on canvas

Each hand on the canvas reflects a different type of volunteer activity, from providing medical assistance and helping animals to rebuild cities after wars. These hands illustrate the diversity and importance of volunteers' role in our society. After all, the world is sustained by help and support. Volunteers give a piece of themselves, making the world a little happier. This is inspiring.
They act as that necessary link that holds society together, providing aid to those in need. As long as there are volunteers in the world, the sun will shine for all of us.
16. Olha Vlasova
Box of hope

Mixed media painting on board

I drew inspiration from the memory of the onset of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine by russian troops.
During that time, my friend and her mother lived in the Kharkiv district, which experienced daily and frequent shelling. Fearing for their safety, they hardly left their house, even for the most necessary things. Their situation was dire, with food shortages, but they received occasional support from volunteers who brought some food and medicine.
Once, my friend sent me a photo of the contents of a humanitarian box. Inside were a loaf of bread and two frozen chicken thighs. Such a small thing helped a family of two women to sustain life and eventually enabled them to relocate to a safer place.
Small acts of kindness like these hold immeasurable value, and we can help rekindle hope for broken destinies.

17. Olha Matviienko
Volunteers: saving lives

Watercolour on paper

When russians destroyed the Kakhovka Dam, many Ukrainians headed to the Kherson region to rescue people and animals.
Volunteers were saving locals and their pets, even under russian shelling.
Some animal rescue organizations sent their specialists and mobile vet clinics to the Kherson region, along with food and evacuation missions. Some cat and dog shelters send volunteers to rescue and bring cats and dogs to big Ukrainian cities for adoption.
In big cities, people started searching for a new furry family member from the Kherson region. Many Ukrainians were donating food and medicine for the rescued animals. Everyone wanted to help with something: money donation, sending food, joining rescue missions, or adopting those animals who lost their home.
I believe the unity of our people saved many furry lives in this catastrophe. To Ukrainians, every life matters.
18. Olha Zdorovets
Given wings

Digital illustration

If I ask myself:" Who is a volunteer?" I'd say – this is a compassionate person who cares and strongly desires to change the world around us for the better. No matter what it could be, assistance to people, animal rescue, or environmental cleanup, common for all – is kindness, desire to create, not to destroy.
I've painted a young woman, a volunteer, letting the bird with prosthesis free. The bird can fly again because of her help. This is the same feeling when someone helps us, even if we think everything is lost. We can fly again.

19. Maryna Karapetian
Illuminating Pathways

Acrylic painting on canvas

In my painting, "Illuminating Pathways," I explore the profound impact of volunteering in pursuit of freedom and life. The artwork portrays an amalgamation of yellow brushstrokes that symbolize the diverse individuals who come together to contribute their efforts for a common cause. Like a mighty stream, they unite and flow forward, radiating light and hope.

I firmly believe that our society can only thrive when individuals align their actions with their values and take an active stance, embarking on a journey to do what is right and just.
"Illuminating Pathways" serves as a visual call to action, encouraging viewers to join this powerful volunteer movement to create a future where compassion and courage lead the way toward a world where freedom and life prevail for all.
20. Anael Olga Zadorozhna
Warm the universe

Acrylic painting on canvas

With this picture, I wanted to express that mutual assistance can unite the world. During the first weeks of the full-scale invasion of russia into Ukraine, Ukrainian soldiers survived thanks to the help of ordinary civilians. Even older adults and small children try to help injured people and animals in any way possible. Also, thanks to mutual assistance, people learned about each other and Ukraine, an independent country with its culture and history. I will also give my example of when the idea to support artists in difficult war conditions grew into a large community of Ukrainian artists. I was one of the first to join the Uartist community created by Anna Miklashevich, and the community's volunteers and artists helped me grow as an artist. Accordingly, by selling my art, I can help others.

21. Yasya Shlepetska
Star flowers of our country

Gouache drawing on paper

Volunteers are flowers that adorn our world with the kindness of their souls.
There are names of notable volunteers shining during difficult times for my country. You can read on the flowers. I consider red-haired Tata Kepler the main star of the volunteer family, who provides tactical medicine to our soldiers and goes to the front with her team, helping people who still live in villages under constant shelling. Thanks to her volunteer movement, thousands of lives have been saved.
22. Alina Yanchenko
Steel kindness

Oil painting on canvas

The painting "Steel kindness" is dedicated to unbreakable people who, in any situation, no matter how difficult it may be, even in war, are the strength, the support, and the rope that everyone clings to - these are volunteers.
They are kind-hearted people who radiate warmth and zest for life, and at the same time, they have a "core of steel" that keeps them.
The painting shows hands grasping a lifeline to survive. This rope breaks, but it holds. So are volunteers - people who's life is like a marathon, but they carry so much on their shoulders, sometimes this burden is unbearable, but they gather their strength and step forward.
They inspire and impress the whole world.

23. Natalia Synegina
Volunteer Soul

Photo of the sculptural composition. Solidifying plasticine.

Tits are peaceful birds, just as those who volunteer to help protect Ukraine had been in their previous lives.
Tiny tits with colorful yellow and blue plumage can look like cute, helpless birds. But they deserve tremendous respect; they stay home during the darkest period of the year and are not afraid to die.
And when the enemy comes to their homeland, they develop new skills. They source the best equipment, tactical medicine, and drones. Our volunteers are like this tiny tit, growing fangs to fight for the freedom and life of each Ukrainian on the frontline or in a city under ongoing shelling.
After the victory, they hope to become peace-loving birds in a peaceful homeland again. But hundreds of thousands of saved (and lost) lives will forever remain a part of the tit's soul.
24. Lusi Bogdanowicz
Our Children`22

Sculptural felting, wool

It combines two birds. One is losing its strength and can no longer fly alone – these are our little children, injured and orphaned. The second bird is our volunteering children, spies, and assistants. They hold on by themselves and still have enough strength to help others.
They are capable of staying calm, not sowing panic. They sing, draw, cook, collect money, and show people by my example endurance and faith in our victory. They are still able to be not only a reliable rear guard but also stand up for our native land.
The strength of their spirit is inspiring!

25. Yulia Kapustynska
Glory to Ukraine #6


The photo, which has an international award, describes the support. It also represents the Ukrainian people and Ukraine through the natural colors characteristic of Ukrainian symbols: the blue sky and yellow rapeseed flowers. It is impossible to move forward without helping each other. Volunteering has gained such powerful momentum in Ukraine because we understand that only by standing together and helping our country we become one step closer to victory!
26. Tetiana Fomenko
Ukrainian volunteer Marianna


This is a portrait of Ukrainian volunteer Marianna Perepelytsina, who has been making camouflage nets since 2014. The photo was taken in our volunteer room in Kyiv. Marianna is a master of author's dolls and, in 2014, joined a volunteer group that still makes camouflage nets. Marianna devotes all her free time to volunteering. Camouflage nets are made by hand.
Many Ukrainians have been helping Ukrainian defenders since the beginning of the war in 2014. One of the types of assistance is the production of camouflage nets. Camouflage nets protect military equipment, dugouts, and positions of Ukrainian defenders. In this way, Ukrainian volunteers safeguard the lives of soldiers.
27. Anastasiia Brunnen
Be human


This photo was taken in the city of Orihiv, which is 60 km from Zaporizhzhia. Ms. Yarova coordinates the Point of Invincibility, where residents who remained in the city found refuge. Unfortunately, on July 9, 2023, a Russian aerial bomb destroyed this building. Mrs. Yarova was there at that moment. She is currently undergoing treatment in Zaporizhzhia. Many people did not survive.