live [HR]

Kristian Bagarić is a professor of physics and computer science, as well as a self-taught music producer and visual artist. Under the artistic name varboska, he creates experimental
electro-acoustic music filled with autobiographical metonymy and hypnagogic and ritualistic motifs.

His live performances include Nova scena in the Zagreb club Pločnik, at the first ZEZ festival livestream, at VOLTA events in both solo DJ and live formats, and in a duo improv act with the producer Tonota. Together, they form an unnamed production improv/live duo, having performed together at Grounded festival in Ljubljana and collaborated on the multichannel A/V project called Interferences with Filip Pacak. Additionally, he performs solo live improv/mixes under the auspices of the SUTRA collective for the COMMON MULTIVERSE INITIATIVE online festival.

His releases can be found on the SN4F compilation by the Ljubljana-based SNIF RECS label, which brings together producers from the Balkan region, as well as on the Future
Unknown compilation by the American Vivarium Recordings.

He has also independently released three EPs under his own production, as well as an EP featuring an original single and remixes by close friends and collaborators (Tonota, Takt Juga, Late Dinner, Banora).

human margareeta is a DJ, promoter, and electronic producer from Kyiv, Ukraine. She’s a founder of a feminist electronic collective, CUTIECORE, which is focused on bass and experimental music.

Being passionate about groovy rhythms and bass, human margareeta is known for her dynamic and diverse sets that blend a variety of genres, drawing inspiration from Latin and Afrikan roots and including a mix of electro, techno, ghetto house and breakbeat.

As a cultural activist, Margareeta has organized numerous events  dedicated to contemporary art, broken rhythms, and experimental music in Kyiv. Her passion for promoting underground music led her to co-found the GRVGRV collective, where she was actively involved from 2019 to 2021.

human margareeta has been continuing to spread compelling narratives on the dance floors and beyond. First, through shaking well-regarded clubs like ∄ in Kyiv, Fabric in London, Yu Yu in Mexico, Oxi Club, Aeden and Trauma Bar in Berlin, Mjut in Leipzig, to name a few. And, secondly, through media activity aimed at building awareness about russia’s war in Ukraine and journalism practice as a Kyiv city manager at Resident Advisor.